bobby pins collect on your bedside table
match sticks
that won't light.

burning sunset
electric fur
a straw blanket
warm against my cheek.

Send shock-waves through
wanting muscles
for more.

realize my grip


Resounding Silence

my tectonic plate's shift beneath you

your balance is tested
my trembling legs offer no stability

a crack in the stone wall
you see your way in

take what is offered with no regard
i won't protest aloud

feed my yearning spirit
a pint of pining is toxic enough

is it light that shines through
or a mirrored reflection of something long gone

low hum
a welcomed grinding

comfort in the uncomfortable shift


Not Knowing is Knowing

a film resides over the top of the murky swamp waters
appearing as a moss covered ground
soft and welcoming blanket
what is shrouded below the surface
a tight seal falters
allowing occasional breaks
where to step is unclear
secrets lurk like alligator gar
patiently awaiting their prey

Terrace Avenue

last night
AC blowing full blast
sticky skin
under red polyester
fly paper
your legs glued to mine
you woke yourself up laughing
terrified in my restless sleep
i missed the excitement
in that moment
between open eyes
staring at the light slipping through
cracks of thick black blinds
its hard to tell what time it is now
oh, 10 minutes has passed
two hours and twenty three minutes
plus ten